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Our Philosophy: Autonomy & Accessibilty

  • Submit your works and be exhibited online for Free
  • Manage your sales, make your own deals with art lovers
  • 0 Commission on sales
  • No hidden fees

Make your own Deals thanks to our BASIC Exhibition Plan. You can submit and exhibit as much as 3 artworks totally free of charge!

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Small Fees for Greater Visibility

  • Get an illimited Exposure duration
  • Put your artworks at the Top of the Gallery
  • Sell your works yourself
  • Sell your works online through the platform
  • 0 commission on sales
  • Get all these features for a bunch of artworks

Users who wish to enhance their art’s visibility can choose our Master Plans* and thus enjoy the best of ArtWe's features.

*Master Plans = one time payment.

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What is an Exhibition Plan?

  • An Exhibition Plan is a virtual product that allows you to submit and exhibit artworks on the platform.
  • The Exhibition Plan that you will choose will define the level of visibility of your artworks exhibited on the platform.

What are the differences between a BASIC plan and a MASTER plan?

  1. The Number of Artworks that can be submitted (from 3 to 10)
  2. The Exposure Duration of each artwork included in the Plan (from 90 days to unlimited with Master Plan)
  3. The Level of Visibility of each artwork on the platform (top of gallery with Master Plan)
  4. The Exposure on Social Media with our Artwork of the Day & ArtWe's Picks publications (only with Master Plans)
  5. The Support provided by ArtWe for any request that you could have (limited with Basic Plans, priority with Master Plans)

I've bought a Master Plan, how do I use it?

You can use your plan anytime by submitting new works. You will be able to see and use your credit after the completion of an artwork submission form.

You can also:

  • See the number of remaining works to submit with your Plan from “My Account”
  • Retrieve your available Exhibition Plans at the end of the artwork submission process

For more information read our User Booklet.

Our Exhibition Plans

ArtWe offers2 Exhibition Plans: Basic Plans & Master Plans. Artists can pick, use and accumulate as many Master Plans as they want. Basic Plans are limited to one per artist.

*Master Plan = one time payment.



  • 3 Artwork
  • 90 day Exhibition each
  • Standard Exposure
  • Limited Support

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  • 10 artworks
  • Unlimited Exhibition each
  • Top of Gallery Exposure
  • Priority Support
  • Social Media Coverage

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