Bedouin Journey, Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches, 2020 by Agamjot Singh

#Landscape #Unclassifiable
About the work:

This painting was inspired by 3 lonely nights when my fiancĂ© was traveling to the desert of Arizona to meet her new naturopathic doctor. While she was gone I was drawn to watch the film “Lawrence Of Arabia” (which I knew she would never watch due to it’s long duration and subject matter) for the first time. I was alone for these three days, watching the film in segments. I walked long distances, 7-8km a day, to pass the time. I felt I had become a lonely Bedouin in my own desert. I channeled this feeling into my expression of what the Bedouin journey might look like, or feel like.

The night sky in this painting is referenced from “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. The moon’s illumination of the night is a blessing when no other lights are available. In order to see one’s camp surroundings at night, the Bedouin relys on the moon’s presence during his journey. Like the Bedouin, we too rely on the light of our consciousness to guide us through life. Without clear sight (intuition) of where we are going, or what dangers may surround us, we are hopelessly wandering in the desert of the life.