suzieQ2020shine collection, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 inches, 2020 by Suzanne Sullivan

#Art Brut #Abstract #Colorful
About the work:

I used a Tupperware lid and pour color paint on the lid, flipped it over, and flatten it to canvas, to make these designs. Then dap different areas with plastic from a garbage bag, dapping different areas till this design appeared. Abstract wildness, abstract you can play with and you never know what will appear till your done. None of my paintings is the same, with different styles and different techniques. Since Covid, I use whatever I can find around the house, different brushes, sponges, etc… I let my imagination run wild, so this piece is wild. Layering and blending to I get the design I like. I also have Sealed Art on gage and main in hamilton, to make a poster of some of my artwork too, not always a canvas. I use wood, oil paint, sponges, paint chipping, etc. Don’t have a measuring tape, so guessing the height and width. I really love this piece, it stands out and would fit in with any design in a home, red, pink, purple and black, and green.