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I started doing art at a young age. When I was in grade 10-11 I was asked to do a portrait and was getting 98% mark for my art. I moved out of Hamilton, to a small community in" Port Hope and join an Art group with Green-Wood coalition for 10 years, going to different colleges to do Art and there was an Art group every Thursday. I learn a lot of techniques and different ways of doing art. I learn a lot about Picasso and Maude Lewis. A lot of people think my work is similar. I can make art out of anything. I also do abstract tables. I paint everything. Oils pastel, drawing, sketching, watercolors, and acrylic paint. wood, clay, etc While in Port Hope I had a booth at the farmer's market selling my Art. Then our teacher took us to the coffee shop, which two of my Art sold right away. Now I have a few paintings with Sealed Art in Hamilton, Ont on sale too. People think I am unique and none of my paintings is the same. I can paint for hours and days, multi tasker I start a few projects at once and keep going back and touching up my art. I am very creative with everything. Art is my passion and my therapy, my way of escaping. My apartment is my own art gallery which helps me cope through stressful times. Been doing a lot of art more since Covid. Now four people in my family started painting because they were inspired by my Art work.

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