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“When I paint, I feel at peace, grounded to the earth and the organic world. It’s a symbiotic relationship; a personal experience that connects me to all living things.” Reaching out through art, I explore nature in all its complexities; flowers in bloom, birth, death, light, dark— the opposites and the complements—all present in my mind’s eye. I don’t paint from photos or actual objects, but rather, I let the ink guide the art. I look at each piece as a kind of visual diary; a way to document beauty and express joy. Sometimes the forms are organic and real, and often they can even take on an imperceptible quality, much like the living world we inhabit. The rich layers and textures of the natural world are my primary inspiration. I love the dynamic interplay of light and shadow and how sights and smells seem to seep into the paper through inanimate forms. Using alcohol ink allows for great depth in my art. It has a mysterious fluidity and is very malleable. I can watch, almost as a third person, as one shape evolves into something else entirely; I add layers of colour and then carve into the dry ink to bring out a rich network of detail. The end result often takes me by surprise and makes me realize that you can find a delicate balance between control and freedom in your work and in your life. All the angst I felt in my 20’s, the pressure of my 30’s, the life experiences that knocked me down in my 40’s, have culminated in the present sense of inner calm I now feel . There is no doubt in my mind that this new confidence and fulfillment comes from the gift of being able to tap into my emotions and express them through my art.

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